The most comprehensive range of Solvent Based Acrylic Resins

Why Use a Liquid Acrylic Resin?

Acrylic resins are polymers whether thermoplastic or in combination with an isocyanate creating a premium acrylic urethane resin based system, have provided the coating industry with fast curing, versatile, durable coating systems for decades. The allnex product line consists of a broad collection of acrylic polyol resins taken from every region of the world and all major coatings markets so you’re virtually guaranteed to find a resin suited for your next application. Our product line features a wide range of hydroxyl values and solids levels including some of the highest solids acrylics in the industry for your next conventional or ultra low VOC application.

Remarkable Versatility and Functionality

Acrylic resins are known for their ability to deliver high performance in a broad range of applications. These solvent based polymers may be used by themselves or crosslinked with isocyanate or amino based polymers and used in topcoat or direct to metal applications.

Our portfolio of acrylic resins addresses a number of key performance parameters:

Fast Cure

Long Pot Life

Low Color

UV Resistance / Gloss Retention

Optimum Appearance


What Type of Solvent Based Acrylic Resin are you interested in?

Acrylic Polyol

Thermoplastic Acrylic

Non Aqueous Dispersion (NAD)

Sag Control Agent Modified Acrylics (SCA)

Non Isocyanate Acrylics

Water Reducible Acrylic

Product Selector for Solventborne Acrylic Resins

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For more information, read our article about High-Solids Headspace by Robert Skarvan, Global Marketing Director – LRA, Allnex, Louisville, KY

Additives of Choice for your Solventborne Acrylics



ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60

More information

  • Best solution for corrosion protection
  • Compatible with all pigments and fillers
  • Used for concentrates or direct grinds

Flow and Leveling

More information

  • Premium appearance applications
  • Flow and Leveling additive compatible in clear and topcoats
  • Easily incorporated and effective in small doses


More information

  • Improved pigment settling performance
  • Improved dispersion of pigment
  • Compatible in high gloss systems

Market Applications for allnex Solventborne Acrylics

Automotive OEM

Automotive OEM

Exterior office building windows




Industrial Metal

Industrial Metal

Industrial Wood

Industrial Wood

shipping container at port with cranes

Marine & Protective

spraying red car bumper

Vehicle Refinish

Selecting a solventborne acrylic for your next applicaton

Whether you’re looking for a solvent based acrylic polymer or resin to make a coating or ink with reduced solvent content, or higher gloss or improved chemical resistance, for a completely different or entirely new application, we hope that you’ll use our product selector and or reach out to an allnex technical expert to ensure that you quickly get focused on the right resin for your next innovation. Although this page is dedicated to solventborne acrylic resin chemistries, allnex has a variety of other resin systems for you to consider for your next, premium, thermoplastic, urethane 2k or thermosetting, solvent based coating.


Berend Mulder

Berend Mulder

Expert for solventborne acrylic resins

Over 17 years of experience in the coatings and resin industry

Technical service and business development manager - with a strong background in paint formulation and application

Your contact for assistance in applications in Vehicle Refinish, Automotive OEM, General Industrial and Marine and Protective Coatings

Berend Mulder
Jean Pierre Chevillotte

Jean-Pierre Chevillotte

Expert for solventborne acrylic resins

Over 34 years of experience in the coatings and resin industry

Technical service and business development manager - with a strong experience in paint formulation and application

Your contact for assistance in applications in Specialty coatings, Construction performance, Packaging Coatings & Inks and Coil & Pre-Coated Metal

Jean Pierre Chevillotte